Top 10 Companies for SMS Marketing – June 2017

Top 10 Companies for SMS Marketing – June 2017

This is a curated list of top ten companies, who have done exceptionally well in SMS marketing. The list is prepared based on a variety of deciding metrics. Should you have any suggestions to make this article more information-enriched and entertaining; please feel free to contribute your ideas in the comments section?

  • Benefits of SMS marketing
  • Top deciding metrics to outperform the competitive niche
  • A curated list of top ten companies for SMS marketing - updated, June 2017
  • Concluding remarks

Benefits of SMS marketing

A call can go unanswered, emails can go unread, leaflets can be thrown out; text messages are usually read; and read quickly. It is the human tendency to almost always give increased attention to text messages received on their hand-held devices.

Build loyal base of dedicated audience

With SMS marketing, you can always develop a solid and sustained user base - populated with people who relate with your brand, and necessarily want to listen from you!

Other than the two most important benefits SMS marketing offers; businesses are increasingly using it for a variety of other reasons as well; such as -

  • It effectively generate word of mouth
  • It makes way for improved communication
  • It is fast and effective
  • It can be easily integrate into your existing marketing campaigns

So, SMS marketing can help a business save time, effort, money and best of all, it helps a business focus on its core areas of expertise; rather than concentrating on other aligned areas of business. Instant deliverability, flexible platform, instant opt-in and opt-out rate, higher open rate, high conversion rate, reliability, and limitless marketing potential make SMS marketing a cool alternative to other existing marketing platform.

Top deciding metrics to outperform the competitive niche

Since the market is replete with stiff competition and every business in the niche is trying to outperform the other by innovating newer ways to generate newer leads; it is very important for a company to keep at the helm of innovation.

Now, when everyone's trying to do well, how would you classify the good service provider from the bad ones; and how would you filter out the bad from the good. This is when the deciding metrics come into play. When preparing this curated list of top 10 SMS service provider; the core focus we put in were on -

  • Certifications and partnership
  • Client feedback
  • Client's reputation
  • Projects and technical expertise
  • More factors -
  • Company registration documents
  • Number of office locations
  • Social data and reputation
  • Years of experience
  • Number of successful projects completed
  • Customer support
  • Cost effectiveness

These core metrics set the very basis of our curated monthly ranking and help us pinpoint the core factors a service provider is better than the other.

A curated list of top ten companies for SMS marketing - updated, June 2017

  • Location : Vancouver, Canada
  • BroadNet S.A.R.L is a telecommunication company established in 2003 in corporate under the Laws of Lebanon, whose registered office is Located in Corniche Al Mazraa, Beirut. It is registered in the Lebanese Chamber of commerce. The company strives to be your long-term SMS solutions company. It offers an operational bulk SMS platform, which offers a host of wonderful benefits, and quickly adapt to newer business environments. BroadNet's cost effective marketing solutions are highly reliable; and have received positive reviews from its customers.

    Support, reliability, host of features, uncomplicated platform to simplistically send bulk SMS at an cost effective price are some of the core reasons BroadNet deserves a very prized position in the entire SMS marketing industry today; which however is always up for review and changes. So, BroadNet needs to continually keep on innovating its offerings in order to remain competitive.

  • Location : N/A
  • Infobip helps businesses seamlessly integrate to offer new services for consumer engagement across mobile channels. The company has a proven expertise across a portfolio of new age communication channels on demand; including SMS, Voice, Push, Email and Chat apps. With an average score of 4.24 out of 5, Infobip is declared the world's best-rated vendor in ROCCO's 2017 A2P SMS messaging vendor survey. The company helps its valued customers confidently sale and deliver their business SMS messages globally. The improved, uncomplicated and user-friendly; easy to manage and maintain platform from Infobip offers a host of benefits. It can help a business reach 190+ countries with SMS, engage with 2-Way across 52 countries, deliver PINs and One Time Passwords via SMS for fast and reliable delivery, and deliver bulk SMS quickly across niches in a timely manner. With Infobip, you can integrate, send and scale.

    The practical set of useful features, increased access to control the channel, uncomplicated user interface, extended local and global coverage make Infobip one of the truly best SMS marketing companies of the month. All up for future - when in order to retain the position, all they need is to keep on improving their profile and serve more values to customers.

  • Location : N/A
  • ClickaTell sends millions of SMS messages around the world every month for thousands of customers. The strongest part of their winning strategy when it comes to SMS marketing is their result-oriented services.

    The company's SMS platform is a powerful, fully scalable communication enabler that equips you with the tools you need to manage your business communication more effectively. It has a user-friendly, fully functional messaging option to suit your standalone business needs, it has a global reach, and it entertains easy implementation i.e., wizard-driven code generation that's quick and easy to use. Single account interface for multiple business users. Cloud-hosted, user-friendly web-based interface, Global message sending via API, Scalable and customizable to suit your needs, Easy integration into existing systems are some of the core features that make ClickaTell one of the most respected SMS marketing companies in present day world. Since the company is actively looking for new ways to make its presence felt, which is very important for any company to sustain in this competitive world, we can expect their services to become even more awesome; which already is. More awesomeness ensures better ranking!

  • Location : Mumbai , India
  • RouteMobile simplifies communication

    As is written on their website, RouteMobile is to connect the world through mobile technology, helping customers, partners and employees prosper locally as well as globally. The company is committed to being a leading global messaging and voice API Company, leading in terms of value offered, customer service, talent development and consistent growth.

    The company was founded in Mumbai in the year 2004 and today it employs over 300 employees, branching out to 7 locations, offers fully customized solutions, has global data centers, works for thousands of direct clients, and sends 2+ Billion messages per month. A Customized solutions, support for all message types, real time tracking status, web based GUI, dedicated sender UI are some of the awesome features that make this company a reliable SMS marketing service provider. In order to keep doing well and sustain one of the top slots in the mobile marketing world; they need to continually keep on what they are doing - Offer great services!

  • Location : San Francisco, California
  • With low latency and high deliverability, Nexmo's SMS API is one of the most reliable ways to reach users around the globe. The company's SMS services are featured with increased security, low latency, better delivery rates, less regulation issues, easy cost management, bi-directional Unicode support, message branding feature etc.

    Nexmo has made an uncomplicated, simplistic and hassle-free system to deliver bulk SMS for businesses to easily and strategically tap into the growing audience base. Nexmo's support system, host of new age features and easy support accessibility features make it one of the most sought-after SMS marketing support services; of course the company needs to maintain the quality offerings in order to sustain the ranking and compete with the rivals.

  • Location : London , United Kingdom
  • Global reach, high quality SMS with a carrier-grade network

    Coverage, reliability, speed, and scalability make Tyntec's SMS services awesome. It has a global coverage connecting 1200 networks across 200 countries, its High delivery rates backed by unique carrier relationships. On the top of that, bespoke customer support—including 24/7/365 makes its services world class.

    Tyntec has been innovating newer ways to make the entire process of managing SMS truly awesome. The simplicity, ease of use, excellent quality service, a round the hour customer system and trust by valued users make Tyntec a nice service in the SMS marketing niche. When it comes to offering improved range of quality SMS marketing, Tyntec is one of the front runners with, as we mentioned, host of features. The company's future ranking depends on the edge of perfection it sticks to.

  • Location : San Francisco , California
  • When it comes to top quality SMS marketing services within the affordable range, Twilio is a class apart. The company's programmable SMS platform propelled by professionally balanced software platform simplify development and solve deliverability. Queuing, scaler, multi-tenancy, geo match, all characters sets Unicode, setting up of maximum price etc; are some of the core features that make Twilio one of the respected SMS service provider.

    The communication reliability, operating scale, and a host of features make this platform one of the sought after. When it comes to opting for a good service provider to seamlessly send messages, Twilio is a good choice.

  • Location : South Melbourne , Australia
  • If a whopping part of meaningful digital transformation can be achieved by SMS marketing, SMSGlobal is the company you can trust for its services. Flexible APIs, advanced web platform, email to SMS system, two factor authentication, appointment and event reminders, notifications, marketing and CRM automation, monitoring are some of the most important features that turn SMS Global a great service provider for SMS marketing. The company always believes in offering top notch, pinpointed services that improve the world of communication by allowing people to better communicate. Its SMS services are one of the best in the world because of its simplicity, ease of use, and host of features, which are available at a great price.

  • Location : N/A
  • SMS API is another SMS platform you can trust for its simplicity and ease of use. The service has been regarded to be good by its customers and hence it enjoys dedicated base of fans who always count it for being professionally balanced and highly interactive.

    The security and data storage, layers of protections, uncomplicated platform, easy integration features etc make SMS API one of the top SMS marketing service provider of the month.

  • Location : Stockholm , Sweden
  • Cloud Communications for the World's Most Demanding Enterprises The company's world-class platform is tuned for enterprises. Dynamic Real-Time Routing, Access to the Largest Tier 1 Super Network, CLX Feature Support, 24/7 Monitoring backed by World Class Cloud Communications Platform, Tier 1 Super Network make CLX Communication one of the top SMS marketing service providers.

    CLX Communication helps enterprises simplify communication with its professional SMS services.

    Concluding remarks

    While each of the services is good on its own; a tough competition is existing between all the service providers. Despite the competition, market is always looking for meaningful disruption. The more players come in, innovate and devise better services; better is the scope for the development of the industry. And, in order to find out the best service providers based on the parameters we mentioned earlier, we will keep on ranking top companies. While winners deserve a special entry; it needs to be said that there are many other companies as well who are good and trying to scale up. We will also add them in the future ranking; if they can score really well on all the deciding metrics.

Compare, choose and select from a curated list of top service providers across industry segments. Learn who are the most top performing companies for SMS, VOICE, push notification, HLR.

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