What is the future of push notifications

20 Jun 2018
By Best SMS Company.

Push notifications are going to redefine the new generation of social messaging. While for a general user, it can multiply the level of personalized communication; for a marketer; it can unearth entirely new sources of revenues. Read on!

What you read in this article -

• Push notification - An introduction

• Benefits of push notification

• How tomorrow's push notification would look like

• Ways push notifications can be made better

Push notification - An introduction

Push notifications are messages sent via push notification service to a mobile app. A push notification is populated with interesting content - a promotional coupon, invitations, proximity alerts, social media activities that require attention etc.

The primary objective of any push notification is to attract the attention of its reader and then influence him/her make an action such as purchasing a product/service.

Benefits of push notification

The push notifications have a variety of beneficial attributes; some of which necessarily include -

• Wide reach across the Internet users

• High conversion rate

• Offers real-time communication

• Offers ways to send rich, interactive messages

• reach your users instantly

• Gives you insights to audience

• Targets audiences based on demographic geo location

• Offers cost effective marketing solution

How tomorrow push notification is would look like

Tomorrow's push notification might be the face of social messaging. Think of a built-in control panel with smartphones that allows users to customize the way they receive notification, mould it according to their preference. Think of a notification system that uses data to offer standalone and useful set of most practical information. Think of a notification system that integrates AI to predict and act on user preferences.

The push notifications would be literally everywhere tomorrow. Think of it as a connected communication process. From self driving cars to advance ticket booking to predicting human intelligence, notifications will be available everywhere!

Ways push notifications can be made better

More personalized communication is important for better functioning of push notification. More predictable behavior is required for intelligence defining which means integration of AI can channelize communication in more meaningful way!


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